Friday, July 31, 2015

Songs of Solidarity

Women's solidarity group who receive microcredit loans to fund small businesses through the organization, Fonkoze, are photographed outside a meeting house near Miribilis, Haiti, with a group of students and professors from Utah Valley University Peace and Justice Studies' study abroad program.  The photograph was taken in May, 2012. "These beautiful ladies welcomed us with songs in Kreyol which spoke of their gratitude for having been given an opportunity to sustain themselves through the funding," recalls  Denise Windley, Virtual Vaksen founder.

Songs of Reproach

Chante pwen-s ("sending points"): Skillfully phrased, their message is tucked just below the surface.  This provides an avenue of discourse, where the oppressed can speak out against power
in a safer position in the face of retribution.

Building VR Technology

DDX Labs crew build a rig with 3D printed housing and 14 cameras in Utah, July 30, 2015. Next step is the stitching software.  Photo courtesy of DeepRifter, Chris Madsen

Songs of Spirit and Enslavement

If there weren’t Lwa, as for us, we’d all drown!
If there weren’t Lwa, as for us, oh we’d all perish in foreign countries.
We come from Ginen, hand bound to hand, foot bound to foot!
We’ll go to a place, when we arrive, we’ll own it!
In the hold of the slave ship, we’re going somewhere, all bathed and powdered with the Great Lwa,
we’re sailing!

Janus VR Expo Talks (5-17-15): DeepRifter, Chris Madsen and A.J. Campbell a 3D audio specialist spoke about the state of progress in social VR arts

Courtesy of DeepRifter, Chris Madsen

Dire Water and Sanitation Conditions in Haiti

In Haiti, 85% of its urban residents and only 51% of the rural populations have access to improved water services, while access to improved sanitation is extremely low, with only 24% of these facilities available to urban residents and 10% in rural regions, according to the WHO/UNICEF 2012 Joint Monitoring Program report.  Support for sustainable water and sanitation is greatly needed.
Photo by Denise Windley

Edge of Discovery’s interview with VR consultant Chris Madsen: an inside look at the latest consumer Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift (December 1, 2014)

photo courtesy of Chris Madsen (pictured left)

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Rara in the Diaspora

Pictured: DjaRara, Brooklyn, NY; photos courtesy of Maestro Joujou